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Peppermint Booking Hanover, Germany DJ Gregory, Mousse T, Peavey, Gregor Salto, RON CARROLL, Sidney Samson, Wollion, Matthias Heilbronn, ... show all

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Peppermint Booking was founded as part of Hannover based Label Peppermint Jam Records GmbH by Sonia Ordonez Alcantara and is one of the leading agencies in the House-& Pop scene world wide.

Started with MousseT. as Headline Artist, Peppermint Booking now takes care of more then 30 international DJ´s and Live Artists from all over the globe. Part of the philosophy of the company is to present a wide range of musical styles and genres, which every artist delivers with... Read more
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31 August 14 21:09
21 June 14 05:19
Sweet baby Buddha this is good!
08 January 14 19:32
06 November 13 16:25
Zep :
Bitte mehr Schnee von gestern. Hammer Set!!!
28 September 13 22:24
13 June 13 13:57
27 December 12 10:42
great The Doors mixed beats!!! just 100% listenable!!
01 December 12 10:25
Does someone have the playlist? would be nice =)
08 November 12 20:06
to be honest this is some of he funkiest most chilled out beats i've listened to in my life so good
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