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Ike Velez zero'' // podcast #011 - Crew Picks mixed by Ike

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August 2010 has turned into a tiny speck in our rear-view mirror, and an autumnal breeze reminds us that a busy September beckons ahead.

Time to savour the highlights of the past month in our one-hour Crew Picks podcast!

For our Crew Picks each member of our team selects his five favourite tracks of the past month. One of us then applies his best mixing and editing skills to fit as many of these tracks as possible into a one hour mix - not an easy task but one that should guarantee a nicely varied selection of great music.

This time around the mixing part has been done by Ike, our label relations manager and acclaimed dubstep producer going by the name of Ike Release.
This month's Crew Picks selection leans noticeably towards the dubstep side of things, featuring the likes of Kode9, Cooly G, SBTRKT remixing Modeselektor, and Kassem Mosse's brilliant contribution to Instra:mental's Nonplus label.

Fans of house and techno should dig this too however, with Arto Mwambe, Ed Davenport and Conforce each having a track in the mix as well. To keep things interesting there's also plenty of music in there which defies easy categorisation, starting with Ostgut's Shed and ending with our newcomer of the month, Balam Acab.
#1 Shed - Atmo BUY
#2 Balam Acab - Dream Out BUY
#3 kassem mosse - We Speak To Those BUY
#4 Arto Mwambe - One Lonely Knight BUY
#5 Conforce - Grace BUY
#6 Ed Davenport - Overdub In Am BUY
#7 Luke Hess - Corridor's Solution (A Plea For Change) BUY
#8 Delta Funktionen - Abundance BUY
#9 Cooly G - Phat Si BUY
Kode 9 + The Space Ape - You Don't Wash (Martyn's Scrub)
#11 Modeselektor - Art & Cash (SBTRKT Remix) BUY
#12 dj quest - The Unknown BUY
#13 Shed - 44A (Hard Wax Forever!) BUY
#14 Balam Acab - See Birds (Sun) BUY
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