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dapo Viernes 13 dapo Set (Bunny and Rifle) @ Macarena Club (Barcelona,ES) - 2012-01-13

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Uploaded by: BUNNY and RIFLE on 2012-01-18
DAPO (BUNNY and RIFLE / Twisted Frequency)

The best way for Dapo to express the way he feels and develops his style is all about culture club, avant-garde, and so. His favorite passion is to be a musical trend-setter, trying to analyze music, not only from present but also from the past. he applies all this knowledge to his dj sessions to give it a different and enjoyable way. Along his career Dapo has been i n some clubs and private parties taking part with national and international artists. Also he has developed trendy parties like BUNNY and RIFLE (basically they promote culture club), Selected Parties (they make exclusive events for exclusive people, providing to their gests for example of Hummer limousines and premium products, absolutely for free), Delay Color Party (playing music and making visual shows at the same time in some underground places).

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