The Hood Internet - Mashup, Electronic, Hypem Zeitgeist 2012 - Studio Mix

The Hood Internet
Studio Mix

The Hood Internet The Hood Internet vs The Hype Machine - Best of 2012 Zeitgeist Mix

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Uploaded by: Julian X on 2012-12-27
The Hood Internet joins forces with The Hype Machine to help present the Top Tracks of 2012 as part of the year-end Music Blog Zeitgeist. For these exclusive mixes, we invited a few of our favorite artists of 2012 to take a sneak peek at the Top 50 Tracks list and then put their own spin on it, dropping some favorites of their own into the mix. Also, be sure to check out The Hood Internet's album on iTunes: Enjoy.

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04 December 13 17:51
How can I get this track? It's perfect for working out!
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