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Droog, Various Artists Sunday Eve Show 2011-10-16

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When the days are getting shorter and the weather turns cold and rainy, there`s a growing human need in warm feelings and good music!!! Guys, that`s why I´m here and entertain you. Get your freshly squeezed Sunday Eve Show right away and heat up the cold feeling of this season. Broadcasted globally and shared by popular social networks for reaching you...

The special guest of this show are Droog, a dynamic trio of producers, DJs and music lovers from LA presenting their label Culprit with latest releases. Droog are behind the infamous rooftop soirees at LA’s Standard hotel that brought the elite of house and techno to the city for the first time. Get the interview with Droog exclusively here on the Sunday Eve Show.

And please note I`ve got a new favourite tune performed by Lee Curtiss & Seth Troxler. Okay okay, you already know I`m a big fan of them... but for sure: SPENDING TIME from "Above The City" is THE track of the year and doubtlessly a various artist compilation which is a must have for your music collection! Get "Above The City" on Culprit out this month!
#1 Ruede Hagelstein & The Noblettes - Good Night BUY
#2 Fink - Berlin Sunrise BUY
#3 Behling & Simpson - Yenisei BUY
#4 PillowTalk - The Come Back BUY
#5 Mac-Kee - Blood And Soul BUY
#6 Waifs & Strays - Body Shiver (Hot Natured Remix) BUY
#7 My Favorite Robot - Forest Fires BUY
#8 DJ W!ld - Les Abeilles Carioca BUY
#9 Alec Troniq & Raumakustik ft. Miss Confused - Look Ahead BUY
#10 Arnoud Rebotini - Another Time, Another Place (Gucci Vump Rmx) BUY
#11 11:11 - Tourist Trap BUY
Extrawelt - The Next Little Thing
Extrawelt - 808 Slate
Tini - Someone Loves You
Tini - Mine Has A Shower
Tini - Fail Better
#17 Voices Of Black - Her Flower BUY
#18 Lee Curtiss & Seth Troxler - Spending Time BUY
#19 Special Case - Aurum BUY
#20 Various Artists - Rebel Rave 2: Droog BUY
#21 Jay Haze - Datafunk In Your Ears BUY
#22 Jay Haze & Argenis Brito ft. Samim - Neighbor 1 BUY
#23 The Mole - Jonny Mc Hockey BUY
Christian Loeffler - The War
#25 Pele & Findling - Deep Sea BUY
#26 Huxley & Russo - Dollsit BUY
#27 Thyladomid & Adriatique ft. B.P Johnson - The L Way BUY
#28 Samuel Andre Madsen - Love like This BUY
#29 Reto Ardour - Bonfire (Matthias Meyer Remix) BUY
#30 Jurek Przezdziecki - Tango Tan Go BUY
#31 Luca Bacchetti - Tango (Eduardo Castillo Voodoo Remix) BUY
#32 Jan Tenner - Whatever BUY
#33 Mathew Jonson - Cold Blooded BUY
#34 Moodymac - Father BUY
#35 Macro Fender - The Floor BUY
Cottam - Twang
#37 SLZ - Get It BUY
#38 Gerry Read - Narry BUY
#39 Yakine - Last Harmony BUY
#40 Ultrasone - Breathe N Pop BUY
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