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Dj Butoane
Studio Mix

Dj Butoane September Promo Mix

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Uploaded by: Dj Butoane on 2013-10-01

I think the songs together share out a transition between seasons. We are in the end of the Summer and the music has the strong warm bass, dances us wherever we are featuring voices which keep telling us that we can go & do whatever we want. As the wind starts to blow harder, colder and the rain takes control the mix follows and complicates into deep, dub kind of dark house music. Since there's change than suprises appear usually & that's the middle part of the mix. So what to do to keep warm?! Well play some twisted techno beats to get the body moving and the blood flowing. It's not just the bass there though. Ending is clear and in my view it represents the sun which always shines from above the clouds even if we feel his heat just as we do in the Summertime.

Hope you'll enjoy this one & now back to more selection :D

released 23.09.2013
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