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Ben Klock creates with his sets an atmosphere, which is grounded in deepness. His styles range from dry, but meaty minimal beats to heart opening rave orgasms. He blends Detroit and Chicagio tracks from the good old days into those of the present worth being played out. In his past he starts to play piano at an early stage, does gigs as a singer and guitarist in a rock band. Generally, he always engages in a lot different genres. In the 90s, gigs at Berlin based clubs like Tresor, WMF and Cookies have firmly placed Ben on the map of the Capital’s nightlife. Since the opening of the legendary Beghain, he also is a steady fixture of this most popular Berlin club. Berghain is a place committed to the tradition of huge, excessive Techno nights. At the same time, it is the breeding ground for a lot of new things.“This is, where I find the freedom I need!“
Now you have the chance to get an 1hour set from him for free, so keep your eyes and ears open…
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