Artur Sendlak aka Send lak was born in 1979 in Tychy, located on the southern tip of Poland. Since 1996, when he grew up he realized that his interest is moving towards music, his adventure began in the simplest two-channel numark and turntables as a most ordinary beginnings were not easy, but all this meant that even more was curious and began to deepen his knowledge in this direction. Since 2000 he have been playing in some Polish clubs but the real adventure began in 2002 when he went to London, despite major changes in his life due to travel abroad at all times successively worked on perfecting his skills. Continuously gained experience and expanded his knowledge, all the while still slightly confused about the various kinds of house music. With time, more and more grow in his knowledge of music and not only, also increased their collections of vinyl records and meeting more and more new interesting people, from whom received valuable advice as to the improvement of yourself and his equipment. After six years of experimenting with music in the end he found his musical style, which proved to be tech, groove house, but do not forget about other styles of music, which makes his sets, such as deep and pumping house, warm bass, chords, piano, drums and female voice, all these sounds and musical styles, which create an interesting atmosphere and the audience love it.


Send Lak

Artur, London, United Kingdom

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