Born in 1989, Sebastian started djing at the age of 17 after having played in many different bands in his hometown in Bavaria (D).
With his close friends Andreas Buchner and Andreas Wagner, calling themselves "Fourfingers" he explored a lot of different music styles.
They discovered their shared love for vinyl and house music, created their first DJ-Sets and kicked off own parties.
In 2009 Sebastian moved to Vienna to study. There he was looking for opportunities to play music in front of people and found „Klub Fraktal“, where he soon became resident. This was an important step to play regularly and soon Sebastian startet to play in other clubs in Vienna as well, such as Flex, Pratersauna, Market or Fluc. His musical spectrum reaches from Deep House to Techno and varies from time to time. It has always been important to Sebastian that there are many melodies and harmonies in his sets to make sure there's always a musical sense in it. A release with his long-time companion Andreas Buchner is on the second release of the vienna-based label „Schönbrunner Perlen“.

Sebastian Oberst

Vienna, Austria

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