We are eccentric, passioned and dedicated to Music. We are not main stream. We aren't cool, we aren't pretty, we aren't up with the latest fashion trends, or the latest films and music, we don't claim to reinvent clubbing, we don't claim that you'll sweat, and most especially don't expect us to play what you think is good music... We only want to play what we love. Honestly, we do not give a dam about what you want to hear. If you join us, well that is because you share our interest and style.
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No somos guayś, no somos guapos, no estamos a la ultima con la ropa, a la ultima con el cine y música no pretendemos reventar los clubs, no pretendemos que sudes y sobre todo no te pienses que vamos a poner buena música... ¿...a que todo el mundo te dice lo contrario...?


BUNNY and RIFLE, Barcelona, Spain

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