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wupwup is a gathering of international artists operating in different fields of expression with focus on new and interdisciplinary ways of cultural production.

one important feature lays in music production, events coordination and booking management for collaborating artists. another important feature is visual arts and design. wupwup is meant to be expanded to a clothing line and to every kind of creative production.

wupwup's philosophy is that every... Read more
Roman Rauch, Josef Eisl, Dynamodyse
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 20 h
Length: 02:02:15
Alex Bayer
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 6 h
Length: 00:51:23
Floorist, Max Power
2 Weeks: 3 m
Total: 30 h
Length: 01:53:24
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 31 h
Length: 01:32:30
Roman Rauch, Josef Eisl, Alex Bayer
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 37 h
Length: 02:07:03
Michal Zietara
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 270 h
Length: 02:02:06
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07 September 10 21:53
nice tunes mister zietara :) i like! by steve
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