Keinemusik Berlin, Germany Andme / &ME, Sascha Sibler, Rampa, Adam Port, &ME, David Mayer, reznik, Monja

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Keinemusik is not the type of record label as you know it. When putting out a record, the guys will wrap it up personally, refine it with artistic splendour, stamp it and seal it with a kiss, before it ends up in the stores or on your turntable. Question is: Why let someone else do the filthy job, when you can get it done as lousy by yourself. Or maybe even a bit better. Keinemusik is a DIY-operation. Not, because it makes that imposing impression or because they like to wallow in... Read more
Daniel Bortz, Sascha Sibler
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 90 h
Length: 07:43:18
Sascha Sibler
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 19 h
Length: 01:00:40
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 60 h
Length: 01:00:03
Adam Port, &ME
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 197 h
Length: 02:45:19
Sven Tasnadi
2 Weeks: 6 m
Total: 197 h
Length: 01:33:47
Eveline Fink
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 5 h
Length: 01:14:28
john smthg
2 Weeks: 13 m
Total: 4 h
Length: 00:49:56
Dan Drastic, Martin Landsky
2 Weeks: 1 m
Total: 259 h
Length: 02:00:00
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16 August 13 08:55
a subtle selection congratulations.
29 September 11 12:53
I fell in deep love with this set, great work!
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