Amsterdam Dance Event 2011 - Festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands - DJ Sets

Amsterdam Dance Event 2011 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Listeners: 6.777, Plays: 6.803, Listening Time: 1.236 h
The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the leading electronic music conference and the world's biggest club festival for electronic music. The event offers a unique blend of daytime conferences, including interactive workshops, technical demonstrations and in-depth round-table discussions, alongside a nighttime music festival which takes place in 52 venues around the city. The annual event attracts 3,000 business professionals and 130,000 festival visitors from all around the globe.
Frodo & Pep
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 6 h
Length: 01:04:21
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 23 h
Length: 01:25:13
Aroy Dee
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 6 h
Length: 01:12:18
Delta Funktionen
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 8 h
Length: 01:15:25
Dan Drastic, Martin Landsky
2 Weeks: 16 h
Total: 247 h
Length: 02:00:00
2 Weeks: 5 m
Total: 14 h
Length: 01:37:08
Matthias Tanzmann
2 Weeks: 5 h
Total: 67 h
Length: 05:48:30
Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb
2 Weeks: 1 h
Total: 25 h
Length: 08:17:31
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10 November 11 23:03
I can remember just a few years ago it was nearly impossible to find and listen to WMC and ADE sets. Sometimes they would surface months later. Today, we are very lucky to have access to these sets. Especially right after the conference and with TRACKLISTINGS no less!!
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