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SASS Music Club

SASS Music Club Karlsplatz 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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For two years now the Sass Club, based in the heart of Vienna, is providing the local connoisseur scene with its subtle program and oscillating sounds from disco to deep house and techno. It's not about big disco feeling, but about a sophisticated atmosphere and memoriable nights. Whether you come in hipster look, converse sneakers or business suits, what matters is the beat and the love for the moment.

Things are about to be taken further in giant steps: the up and... Read more
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03 September 11 13:40
19 July 11 22:48
this set, is amazing, where can I book you :D
06 June 11 04:13
05 June 11 18:08
05 June 11 18:08
Super Musik!! My Soul feels Happy with this!! yeah dj!
20 May 11 08:35
12 May 11 17:33
21 February 11 12:34
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