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Zyron Karlsborg, Sweden

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"Zyron is a schooldance DJ from the 80's, who unlike many DJs of today know the craftsmanship from a very basic level. He comes from the times when DJ was not something you wanted to become, you were just chosen to be it, because you had the records and the talent. His knowledge of music from the past is extremely vast, and unlike many other underground DJs he isn't snobbish and doesn't shun pop. His mixing style is smooth and organic like a living snake, and most of the... Read more
Johan Åstrand, Zyron
2 Weeks: 20 m
Total: 4 h
Length: 06:41:15
Johan Åstrand, Zyron
2 Weeks: 2 h
Total: 3 h
Length: 05:55:59
Johan Åstrand, Zyron
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 8 h
Length: 06:32:16
Johan Åstrand, Zyron
2 Weeks: 13 m
Total: 18 h
Length: 05:21:02
Johan Åstrand, Zyron
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 32 h
Length: 06:28:20
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16 December 14 04:04
christer H
awesome as usual :)
19 November 14 17:03
christer H
goddamn! you got the freshest shit! <3 keep doing what you doing. love from norway
04 June 13 05:10
I love how "One Night in Bangkok" is overlaid with songs from Miss Saigon etc!
20 February 11 18:25
3 min 1 voice its borning!
16 October 10 12:45
wow, this is awsome! truly my kind of music, the kind i would like to be able to make myself =). My favourite part is about 17-18 min in, couldn't identify it ...? You might like "Nego Mocambique" if you can find anything with him, I had to email him to get a hold of his stuff. Check him out on myspace. Ha det gott! /lord
01 June 10 20:18
31 May 10 14:20
01 March 10 10:29
27 February 10 15:43
18 February 10 04:44
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