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Paul Begge Moscow, Russia

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Paul Begge, born in 1989 in Moscow, Russia. Had his first encounter with music was in 2004 when he've listened albums Linkin Park and Rammstein, and understands he need more. In 2005 when he was only 16 years old on one open air event, where he heard first club sounds like hard trance and hard house. After this Paul had a big desire to find similar music and then he have found for himself the new styles of electronic music and listen different radioshows around the world, change styles.... Read more
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12 July 12 20:29
13 May 12 01:37
12 May 12 17:21
Where can I download this release?
13 February 12 17:24
hey bro, how are u ;-) cheers pawlo
06 January 12 16:29
18 November 11 14:48
I very much appreciate all your mixes!
26 October 11 05:27
Nice Style
23 June 11 22:28
awesome set bro! Big ups!
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