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Oliver Edwards Barcelona, Spain

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Oliver Edwards, a british citizen, born and raised in Salzburg, Austria, is an electronic music DJ and has been for several years. Since 2007 he has found his passion in producing his own tracks, seeing his first release in January 2011. Next to his successful releases on international labels, he plays his regular flamboyant Dj-sets, that have made him a highly respected live performer. Oliver has firmly established himself in the Austrian music scene over the last years and will surley... Read more
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14 October 12 13:09
love it))
18 January 12 14:20
Cara, excelente. Tomei a liberdade de escreve em português por causa da Sra Portouges rsrsrs
Viradas exatas e uma seqüência muito bem selecionada. Ouvirei todos os sets, okay.
Salve Oliver Edwards
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