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Munich Radio (Christian Brebeck) Zurich, Switzerland Munich Radio

Listeners 88.384, Plays: 226.921, Listening Time: 113.823 h
The January 2006 born station and It''s touching music - carefully selected with our hearts and souls. We are on air 24 hours , trying to meet Your expectations and taste and changing moods between sunrise and midnight and again the wee small hours of the morning. Our main intention besides comforting you and the increasing number of listeners is to integrate more and more new and promising groups and their music.

We already have the pleasure to work with wonderful... Read more
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24 September 14 20:26
Great. Now I'm hooked on Bo Saris. Great mix!
11 September 14 10:22
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06 September 14 05:12
Pretty good very nice...
28 August 14 23:08
nice tunes!

<a href="">tutaj</a>
25 August 14 21:43
Great ... gebannt und gleichzeitig relaxed höre ich der Musik zu.

13 August 14 14:14
Ah yeah -- this'll start my day right. Nice selection!
03 August 14 21:02
Whoaaa Nice Tracklist!!! Das ist Geil jajaja
03 August 14 18:52
Hey,...ja hat lange gedauert, aber das warten hat sich gelohnt ! :-)
03 August 14 17:56
Chris, du bist fertig! Sehr, sehr cool!
22 July 14 10:31
Hallo Abi,...aus lizenz-technischen Gründen leider nein.
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