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Mayastral Naantali, Finland

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Born in Portugal, Ricardo from a young age he had a passion for music, but all started in 1999 after a psychedelic trance party where he discovered the magical journey and wave that he been fallowing since that day,
Playing music always been his dream, and back in 2002 he played for the first time, it was living a dream.
Mayastral has been playing Psychedelic / Progressive and Ambient sounds since, in the main music festivals with some of the best Djs and producers in... Read more
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Total: 37 h
Length: 01:18:19
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03 October 12 14:14
++++ absolute amazing set Ricardo +++ all the beats are sooo energetic and hypnotic +++ incredible awesome fx sounds and vocal samples in all the places +++ perfect transitions +++ <3<3<3<3
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