Mario Ranieri - Techno, Hardcore, Tribal Techno - DJ Sets

Mario Ranieri Sankt Pölten, Austria Ostarrichi, Schlagwerx, Schubfaktor

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Mario had his first experiences with music during his childhood days. He played the piano and received influences in electronical music through his cousin who looked after him. Mario made musical experiments with his computer and created his first technotracks. At the end of grammar-school he started to work and bought his first real synthesizer, and after some time got more and more equipment. He went on to now produce more professionally... Read more
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31 October 11 17:10
Sweet! I was looking for this.
Cheers from Portugal
31 October 11 17:06
Awesome. Wicked tracks and lovely buildup across the set.
Cheers from Portugal
01 October 11 05:18
Mario is very good at what he does! A good sterio and turned up loud a must :)
22 September 11 00:58
ты папа своего дела!
07 April 11 12:44
du bist der beste hier bei !!!! absolut hammer ! vielen dank für die geilen sets !!!! BITTE BITE mehr davon !!!
ich poste deine sets immer bei mir im facebook ! kommen gut an !!!!
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