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Lars Wickinger Berlin, Germany aromamusic, Clacson Flow, Mittel zum Zweck

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Music was always his way companion and his passion. As a guitarist he played in different Bands, with musical
influences of new Wave, Hardcore or Indie & Post Rock. Then in the middle of the nineties the contact to Techno came in Hannover. The first electronic equipment was provided for starting his early productions in Techno. With the removal to Berlin and first co-operation with the studio partner Danyell aka Teleman, they released with »Vanilla Krepp« on... Read more
Lars Wickinger, Stig Inge, Adel Akram, playmodul, Schubotter
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Lars Wickinger
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Lars Wickinger
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15 November 10 00:21
Sehr schöne Show!
Liebste Grüße in den zuckersüßen Norden :)
19 May 10 23:32
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