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Junior Santiago Zurich, Switzerland

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Born and raised in Switzerland as Son of Spanish Immigrants Junior Santiago started early with the Music . With 6 Years he played the Flute. After that he moved on to the Clarinet and the Piano. With 15 Years he heard for the first Time a House Record. It was the Masters at Work Deep Inside Record with the Barbara Tucker Vocals. Since this Moment he`s in Love with House Music.Many Many Years Later he is still in Love with the Soulful, Vocal and the Funky Side of House Music.

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Junior Santiago
2 Weeks: 79 h
Total: 79 h
Length: 01:29:48
Junior Santiago
2 Weeks: 17 h
Total: 184 h
Length: 01:30:53
Junior Santiago
2 Weeks: 6 h
Total: 278 h
Length: 01:15:24
Junior Santiago
2 Weeks: 3 h
Total: 140 h
Length: 01:10:19
Junior Santiago
2 Weeks: 1 h
Total: 213 h
Length: 01:01:40
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27 October 14 21:39
Stefano Modena
sei bravo vero beatiful music
04 February 14 13:24
Thank you!!! You are on point. I just moved to Orland FL from New Jersey and none of the clubs play this style of house music. At this time you are all my wife and I listen to. Thanks for making us feel at home. If you ever anywhere in Florida let us know
06 October 13 13:53
am stdying nysly with dix mix brah,big up..
14 September 13 10:50
deeeeeeeep soul full....dope mix..
17 August 13 03:04
wana introduce u to a friend of mine hre in South Africa..he is soul secured
17 August 13 03:04
junior love those instrumental soundz u play..its more like jazzy...
30 July 13 00:34
u play some nys deep stuff dwg
12 July 13 09:19
:'( chills
12 July 13 08:31
Mamma Mia quanto mi piaceeeeeeee
03 June 13 06:34
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