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Frankie Knuckles Chicago, United States Americas Best DJ, Azuli Records

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The beginning years of Frankie Knuckles is like many others dj’ing small rooms until he found himself behind the decks of NYC's Continental Baths. The FIT (Fashion Institute) student and DJ journeyed to Chicago in 1977 to helm the decks of a nightclub called “The Warehouse”. From that day his popularity rose to heights never before witnessed by a DJ. It was the kids that hung out at The Warehouse not the press that actually gave me this term of endearment “The... Read more
Frankie Knuckles, Nora En Pure
2 Weeks: 7 m
Total: 101 h
Length: 01:01:13
Frankie Knuckles
2 Weeks: 2 h
Total: 134 h
Length: 02:06:33
Frankie Knuckles
2 Weeks: 3 m
Total: 25 h
Length: 00:45:16
Frankie Knuckles
2 Weeks: 1 m
Total: 43 h
Length: 00:46:11
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