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fightex Vienna, Austria Freestyle Furioso

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In the real world, Stefan is a gentleman and a prince of peace, camouflaged by his nom de guerre “fightex”. Wisely enough, he is not fighting against but only for something. Passionate music, altered vibrations and clear communication within the Furioso Crew and letting the world know about our vinyl turning activities most of all. So, respect to our man fightex!
If Freestyle Furioso were a b-boy body, he would be its spine. And it’s a funky one and puts a smile on... Read more
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04 June 12 17:09
lovely music!
thank you very much
16 January 10 22:45
15 September 09 14:25
thanks for the rocking flowers dimitris!
09 September 09 22:17
greedings from Greece! you rock!
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