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D.Kay Vienna, Austria ill.skillz, Brigand, Soul:r

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d.kay got into drum and bass aged 17. a school mate supplied the tapes and hooked d.kay to the sound. after having first experiences with turntables at a friends house, he starts buying records and plays first gigs at school parties. a couple of months later the first mixtape got made and sent to promoters in his hometown.
the flex, viennas most rated underground dance club, picked up on the young talent. from here it went straight into the local dnb scene. not content with being... Read more
Intoxicated, D.Kay, Makeedo, Fry
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 283 h
Length: 03:02:48
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 15 h
Length: 00:15:56
Pandora, D.Kay, COPPA
2 Weeks: 0 h
Total: 88 h
Length: 01:56:13
Shnek.MC, D.Kay
2 Weeks: 1 m
Total: 117 h
Length: 01:09:52
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14 September 10 01:43
nice change ups+nice tracks=nice mix
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