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Claudio Ricci Vienna, Austria

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With cultural roots in Chile, Claudio Cesar Ricci grew up in a strong musical environment. His father was a singer in a South-American folklore band with revolutionary background. Due to the dictatorship, his parents were forced to emigrate to Austria. Ever since, this view on politics and especially music, played a major role in his life.

2002 he founded the event platform MoviMiento, together with his friend and colleague Richard Rohr (Dj Saliva). The continuous success of... Read more
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15 September 10 22:21
geht ja mal wieder schön ab hier ;-)

super claudio!
10 August 10 14:37
09 June 10 14:25
01 June 10 21:13
nicht bös gemeint aber lass doch mal die tunes für sich sprechen.. immer fresh ;-)
04 March 10 07:25
08 January 10 12:42
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