Bukalemun - House, Techno, Deephouse - DJ Sets

Bukalemun Stuttgart, Germany

Listeners 7.240, Plays: 14.009, Listening Time: 6.041 h
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24 December 14 08:12
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12th place 2013

25 July 13 22:13
4001 Listeners at play.fm within a year, WOW, thanks everybody for listening my sets!!!
29 June 13 21:55
Hey @Flexx, danke schön!
Finde es sehr geil zu wissen dass, das Set bei dir im Ateliert hoch und runter läuft!
27 June 13 11:31
TOP - sehr geiler Mix - läuft bei mir im Atelier hoch u runter ;)
15 January 13 01:57
It's a pleasure.
Thanks a lot, I feel honoured to get a confirmation like your comment !
12 January 13 23:55
dude, this is one of the most amazing mix i have heard. You may have even healed few of my aches... thanks for the wonderful music.
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